Neuropathy is a condition effecting the feet and/or hands resulting in a myriad of symptoms including: pins & needle sensations, burning, tingling, numbness, poor coordination, or "sock-like" pressure.

There are no known conventional medical treatments that will stop or reverse neuropathy. The condition tends to always worsen with time, while drugs and injections may only mask symptoms temporarily.

About 30% of neuropathy sufferers are diabetic, but other causes may include toxic stress e.g. agent orange exposure, statin drugs, or chemo therapy.

Irritated nerves from the spine such as chiropractic "pinched nerves", or stenosis can contribute, as well as failed surgery or trauma.

Our Approach
Our unique method called the "Blueprint to Neuropathy" developed by Dr. Gumm, D.C. has generated an amazing success rate of 85-95%!

With this proprietary method, we use a combination of home therapy, nutrition, and physical medicine techniques to regenerate blood vessels around the nerves as well as stimulate those nerves to work properly again.

You won't believe your results! You'll feel your feet again, be rid of the burning and tingling, and better balance will be restored.

In-Office Evaluation
Since every case is different, an in-office consultation and Neuropathy Scoring Evaluation is necessary to determine each patient's needs and resultant care plan.

We conduct frequent seminars on the "Blueprint To Neuropathy" Program that are free of charge.

For more information, or to reserve a seat call our office at (615) 790-6363.

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