Watery eyes, sneezing, coughing...all those allergy symptoms that sufferers tire of...are actually all signs that your immune system is working perfectly. Your body has recognized an intruder – a foreign body or allergen – and is fighting it off. But if you’re one of the estimated 54 million Americans that suffer from allergies, you know how painful and exhausting living with allergies can be and you probably just want them gone.

Science tells us that the first time your body encounters an allergen (a particle your body considers foreign) – pet dander, pollen, peanuts – an antibody specific to that allergen tags it so that your defense system can quickly recognize and deal with it. Then, each time you come into contact with that particular allergen, within minutes, your body recognizes it and releases powerful defenses to rid yourself of the intruder. The problems start when the immune system becomes overworked and overwhelmed by the constant bombardment of chronic allergies which can lead to asthma, COPD, psoriasis and other serious disorders.

Now, patients in Franklin Tennessee and around the country are telling us that their suffering has come to an end thanks to a LASER treatment called NRG.

The NRG Immune Enhancing System works by stimulating acupuncture points that are related to allergies. The stimulation releases endorphins. Basically, the cool laser fools the body into thinking that those frequencies – those digitized allergies – are not something harmful. The treatment takes a few minutes for the laser to trace the ears, clavicles, hands, feet and spine with absolutely no pain.

Sounds too good to be true right? A treatment so simple and painless couldn’t really work…or could it?

The simple version of how this works

We asked Dr. Allison to explain how this system works such wonders for so many.

“First, sensors (that are connected to a computer) test you for tens of thousands of allergies – seasonal, food, chemical, environmental and pet”, Dr. Allison explained. “The computer takes the information from the sensors, picks out the frequencies of the allergens that cause your body to freak out … you know, the ones that start the allergic reactions you are so familiar with … and then sends that information to the laser. The laser then targets those bothersome frequencies, rebalancing and soothing your body into not freaking out over the allergen’s imaginary attack.”

The average person needs just 12 visits to clear their current allergies. Of course, as we age or come into contact with new allergens, and the body has a chance to build resistance to them, the treatment may need to be repeated. But, those old allergies are history. And, Dr. Allison said that the laser system he uses is FDA approved to be safe.

This treatment is new and doesn’t have proof in the form of well-designed clinical trials that show it cures allergies yet... but those we talked to claim they are cured. Joe says he went through shots for five years along with prescription medication to battle his allergies and nothing worked...until now. After his treatment, he can mow the lawn and still breathe clearly. Of course, the best part for Joe is being able to enjoy the dogs he loves so much.

Dr. Allison states that the NRG Immune Enhancement System helps with more than just seasonal or pet allergies. It’s also been successfully used with allergy-related skin problems like psoriasis and eczema. It’s even been helpful to kids with behavioral problems related to allergies. This treatment can be used for any age, any allergy.

Call The Wellness Center of Franklin, LLC at 615-790-6363 to make an appointment and try it out for yourself.
After all… A great life starts with great health.

*(Caution: No one with implanted electrical devices – such as pacemakers – will be treated)*

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Allergy Relief Patient Testimonials

My Child's Bedroom Looked Like A Crime Scene

Case Study: This preschooler had been suffering with chronic OCD-like symptoms, including walking in circles for hours on end. He would also stare into space, and require shouting him back into attention. The family lived in Ohio, and had traveled to see numerous doctors already, with minimal to moderate success. He received evaluation and treatment using the NRG System, and responded well. Below is a brief letter we received about 10 days after his last visit.

Dear Dr. Dwaine: Things are wonderful. I’m very happy, especially since we’d gone through 30+ NAET treatments and 13 Bioset treatments before we came to see you. Some helped a little but nothing to the degree of your NRG. The last time Alex walked in a circle or was staring off in space was last Friday! So we’re doing well. I can tell some of those allergies are still present. If he eats certain foods, he might be a little rambunctious or out of control, but in general I’m very happy with his progress. Thanks again! -D.S.

I was very skeptical about the BAX300 allergy machine because I have suffered from allergies my entire life and had tried every remedy under the sun. Despite years of allergy shots and two medications a day, my life was a cycle of allergic reactions, upper respiratory problems and sinus infections. As a result, my immune system was very weak and I seemed to be sick almost all of the time. With the BAX3000 care I had immediate relief and living an allergy-free life, a life I never thought possible. Truly, receiving the BAX3000 care was the BEST decision I ever made because it totally changed my life.

"I'm Running, But My Nose Isn't!"

I suffered with allergies for years and tried all the medications and they either made me sick or didn't work. Then I met Dwaine. He discovered that I was allergic to about everything, many of which I already knew - diary products, yeast, ragweed and pollen. He used his laser treatment on me for about 20 different items and it was like a miracle!

"I could finally enjoy my pasta with alfredo sauce and drink a glass of chocolate milk without sneezing myself to death. On my birthday I enjoyed a hot fudge sundae for the first time in years!!! What a thrill that was!!!! Thank you Dwaine!!

Gary Gosch

Running Coach

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